About the project

International Research Exchange for Biomedical Devices Design and prototyping (IREBID) is a Marie Curie funded project (FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IRSES-247476) whose principal aim is to strengthen research partnership through short period staff exchanges and networking activities.

The project has been active from May 1st 2010 to April 30th 2014. The consortium is composed by the following six partners from European and non-European countries: the University of Girona (UdG – coordinators) from Spain, the University of Brescia (UNIBS) from Italy, the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL) from Portugal, the Technologic Institute of Monterrey (ITESM) from Mexico, the Information Technology Center Renato Archer (CTI) from Brazil, and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (Rutgers) from USA. Particularly, this European project focuses on improving collaborations and knowledge exchange between medical and technological sectors in order to find innovative solutions in the healthcare field.

Driven by the growing demand for more effective, appropriate, and affordable health products, new customized medical devices are being developed opening a new market opportunity for the technological and industrial sectors. Nevertheless, there is a marked lack of knowledge exchange among stakeholders (doctors, patients, engineers) when it comes to design and medical product development. Doctors and patients need to transmit their necessities and requirements to the engineers in order to generate more efficient devices. In this situation, the two main goals of the IREBID project are: (1) to establish channels of communications and synergies through the exchange of staff (early stage researchers or experienced researchers) between partners’ organizations; and (2) to develop innovative products within the medical field. Consequently, the IREBID project attempts to create a high level of expertise and understanding on design, prototyping and manufacture of medical devices using computing tools, biomaterials and other innovative manufacturing technologies.